The Brand

The brand Queretana was inspired by Mexican culture, and the love and happiness that this country has. The inspiration has led us to create a colorful collection of handmade, unique pieces that will differentiate you from the rest. Everything we create is made by the beautiful hands of talented Mexican women who work hard and deserve recognition for their work. Our dream is to not only offer one of a kind products, but to also empower women. Our promise is to deliver the best quality in our brand, and to validate every single woman behind these creations. With your purchase you are not only enhancing your wardrobe, you are also enhancing someone’s life.

Our History

We are Daniela and Erica and together among other inspiring women, are Queretana! We both live in New York, but Daniela was born and raised in México, and Erica frequently travels to the country, as it’s her favorite destination. To us, México offers more than beautiful beaches and scenery. It also boasts colorful and distinctive fashion, designs, and pieces of art that can be worn. On Daniela’s last trip to her hometown she discovered “The Maria Bag” and immediately fell in love with it! The bag represented Mexico, and the place she came from. The colors, the beautiful fabrics of the doll, and the uniqueness of this bag stole her heart. We both felt that these bags and other pieces needed to be shared with the rest of the world for everyone to enjoy as much as we do! The Maria bag is something special that has inspired us to create Queretana and to bring a little piece of México to you.

What We Do

Queretana is a brand committed to the Mexican communities, especially women. Our objective is to recognize their value and their input in the work place. We are empowering women by appreciating their talents, and helping with the developments of their own lives and surroundings. An empowered woman has gone through the process of knowing herself, has broken her inner barriers and is living in authenticity, without following the models established by society. We are inspired by these women to create a brand with 100% Mexican products, made by Mexican hands and designed by the Mexican culture. Our social promise is to offer honorable jobs where they can use their talents and be paid fairly at the same time. By doing this we are validating their rights as human beings and helping to fight against poverty. Our responsibility is to provide them with jobs where they can feel confident, appreciated and valuable.

Our Favorite Places in Mexico

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